Monday, April 16, 2012

April Skiing in Whistler

Yesterday I woke up really, really early, and drove up to Whistler for a day of skiing. he conditions were fairly icy, so that meant I did a lot of groomed runs until things softened up in the afternoon. I demo'd some skis, and even a fancy HUD google display which was set to display kilometers per hour. I, of course, had to see if it could display three digits, but unfortunately topped out at 96km/hr and never found out. The large proportion of groomed runs I did also explains why I was able to cover such a large distance -- a bit over 72 miles of skiing. That's basically like skiing a third of the way back to Seattle. Here's a panorama from the top of Whistler mountain:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Theo Photos March 2012

Here are my photos from March. It includes a few more than usual as a result of our fabulous trip to visit family in Boston, MA. (And several shots from that trip that do not feature Theo.) Theo did exceptionally well on the flights both ways, and we scored a seat for him on the return trip for the first time ever. He also really liked Boston, but that may have been the result of being the center of attention for four adults, not to mention a plethora of good weather and playgrounds. Parks and playgrounds are Theo's current obsession, and he has a very hard time passing one by. If it even looks like a playground - say, a power substation - he has issues not visiting.