Friday, November 7, 2008

New Polish Vocabulary

Today's word: sklep = store, shop Very useful to know, since it appears on a lot of signs around town.

And since I didn't get to post the last few days, here are the other Polish words of the day: (Technically these should start on Tuesday, when we hit Warsaw, but I think I was overwhelmed with Polish that day and didn't learn anything new.)

Thursday's word: teraz = now Also terribly useful, and frequently used in both sentences and as a stand-alone question, ie Now?

Wednesday's word: bardzo = very, much can be applied to just about any adjective, which is great I'll even stick it in front of English adjectives now.

We're in Lublin for the next two nights, and I'm not sure when we'll get a chance to post again. Rzeszow, another family stop, Krakow for sightseeing which we might have to skip as it's a Polish national holiday (basically Indenpendence Day on Tuesday when we planned to spend the afternoon and evening there), and Prague are next on the itinerary.

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