Thursday, April 9, 2009

Two Facts (aka "That Noise Last Night")

1. The noise last night was the cat knocking down my jacket and a camera filter from the green chair.

2. As a result of the jacket being on the floor, she peed on it this morning. I don't think that's legitimate. If I leave it on the floor, ok. But she can't put things on the floor then pee on them. Sadly I didn't discover this second fact until I had gotten into the car, wearing the jacket of course, and thought the car smelled bad. It took me all the way until 15th and Beacon to discover what smelled bad. When I got home again the cat was in a lot of trouble. Still is going to be in a lot of trouble tonight. I'm probably actually going to take the time to cut off her food supply finally. Grr.

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