Sunday, March 13, 2011

Five Months Old

Theo is five months old today! We celebrated with the usual monthly photos, the weekly weight check, and a dozen cupcakes to share with a few of Theo's buddies. (Really we parents ate the cupcakes but I figure the babies get their share via milk eventually, right?) Theo weighs in at 15 lbs 6 oz today, and he still loves going out and getting attention. His favorite tickles are raspberries on the soles of his feet and kisses under the chin, and he chuckles as a reward for doing these things. His favorite amusements are definitely watching Tetley and Rocket and if he must play with something inanimate, he's discovered the new blue spikey ball. He also still loves his Valentine's Day cards, bells, and owl and can spend lots of time with the jingly lion in his bouncy chair and his monkey playmat. He hates having his arms put into any type of clothing and definitely checks in on our reaction when he encounters new things to see if they are funny or scary. He's almost sitting by himself and needs only a little lower back support, and he's started eating solids with a few rounds of avocados. He still shows no interest in rolling back to front and is a pro in the other direction. All in all, he's constantly full of smiles for anyone willing to pay him a little attention and overall a big easygoing bundle of baby boy joy.

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