Monday, May 16, 2011

Theo in Mexico

We took Theo on his second plane ride, and our first big family vacation, to Cabo, Mexico for the wedding of John and Becca. Theo was already an international traveler with our drive to Whistler back in February, but this time around he got the stamps in his passport to prove it. See more photos here.

Theo did well on three out of four flights. (There were no direct flights from Seattle to Cabo at this time of year. In the future, I don't think we'll be visiting places that require an additional stop.) The second flight on our way down, he popped his second tooth through. He might have been okay at that, too, but our seats were switched to the row in front of the only screaming child (around age 3 years, believe it or not), who woke Theo up after only 15-20 minutes of napping on that flight. Since we left the house at 6 a.m., at least an hour before Theo's normal wake up time, we started the day - and the trip - short on sleep.

Despite all that, Theo managed the travel and the associated changes extremely well. He stuck to his normal eating schedule like glue. He was a little more flexible with sleeping, although that is generally true at home as well.

The infinity swimming pool provided the biggest highlight of the trip. Of course, since my camera isn't waterproof, I have no photos of that part. But the video camera did well in recording every moment of that. Theo floated around in our borrowed inflatable complete with shade canopy. He also enjoyed playing with his toys, especially his duck, while being held. It turns out that holding Theo takes much less effort when you're in the water. He spent some time floating as well. We even dunked him once since he kept trying to dip his face in the water. Theo did not appreciate the dunking. At all.

On Saturday we also took Theo to the beach to let him explore the sand. It took him longer to get around to sampling it than I would have thought. Because of the heat and the presence of ants in the sand, we didn't hang out there long, but it was quite entertaining to everyone involved. Theo was a hit with everyone, joining us for the first part of the rehearsal dinner as well as the beginning of the wedding and reception. He actually cried at the wedding itself, but I can't say I blame him. It was downright hot, with no shade, on the beach in the sand - very pretty, but not Seattle baby friendly. It turns out that lounging around in a resort all day is quite baby friendly, though, so we all managed to have a great time despite the heat.

Theo's best souvenir is the second tooth he now sports. More photos and videos to come as they get uploaded.

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