Friday, July 8, 2011

Seattle to Portland Bike Ride

While Sarah and Theo are still in Atlanta, I've returned to Seattle and am riding in the Seattle to Portland bike ride Saturday and Sunday. It's a 204 mile, two-day event. I've done it twice before -- with Sarah 5 years ago, and also 10 years ago. I seem to have this every-five-year thing going on, which is about right -- it's often enough to know I can still do it, but not so often that training takes up every year. You might have seen some of my STP training rides posted on the blog via Everytrail in the past few weeks; it's now time for the real thing. Starting tomorrow at 5:15am pacific time, you can track my location in real time below (to conserve my phone's battery, this will update only every 5 minutes).

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