Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Theo!

The best birthday wishes for our big birthday boy! To celebrate, we got Theo five balloons - a red star, an orange star, a gold circle, a red happy birthday circle, and a first birthday circle with a red one on it. We tied them to his chair overnight and sure enough, he noticed them first thing this morning on his birthday. He loves them. His newest trick is blowing, and he blows every time he wants you to blow on the balloons and make them move. He also loves batting them and pulling them and anything else that will get an effect.

He learned how to blow so we would blow on the mobile attached to the ceiling light in his room. It's super cute. He did not manage to blow his candle out this morning, but he did really enjoy the birthday cream puff. After contemplating it for about sixty seconds, he stuck his face right into it, no hands necessary. Once he worked his way through the top to the cream (apparently there were two different types of cream in there), he started scooping it out with his hands and eating it. Super duper cute, and adorable and a classic first birthday shot. By the end of the "meal" he had a Santa beard and cream up to his elbows, with some on his forehead and behind his ears for good measure.

After the balloons but before breakfast we opened presents until Theo got tired of the game. He took a few rounds to catch on, amazingly not bothering any of the bags or boxes piled on the coffee table until encouraged. (He played with the balloons instead.) The biggest a.m. hit was the musical card from his grandparents, which plays Tigger's theme song. After that, he was finished with presents for the morning and we moved on to candles and cream puff.

In the middle of the day Theo attended story time where the entire group sang him a lovely rendition of happy birthday. He enjoyed it as usual, especially browsing board books at the end. He had peas and mango yogurt with croissant and grilled cheese for lunch before retiring a second time to recover for more fun.

Once he woke up, we took him the pumpkin farm. We went last year when he was just shy of two weeks old to the same place, and boy are the photos different this year! Instead of an infant we could lay anywhere we had a mobile 12 month old. He loved the mud and the wheelbarrow and every single pumpkin. He became especially attached to the miniature variety and had to be pulled away kicking and screaming. He recovered nicely as our next stop was a dinner buffet. We started dinner at 4:45. Theo normally eats dinner between 6 and 6:30. He ate from 4:45 until 6:00 p.m., consuming cantaloupe, red jello, edamame, peas, black beans, spaghetti, pizza, macaroni and cheese, pineapple, and whatever else he could con from someone's plate, or snag from the table. We left the restaurant with one very happy boy. Also one very round boy.

Once back at the house, we polished off the remaining gifts, and finished the day with the monthly giraffe photos. What a difference in a year!

Here's to our one year old boy!

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