Saturday, April 25, 2015

Europe 2015

We just returned from a three week journey to see friends and family in Europe. We hauled 8+ pieces of carry-on luggage, 5 pieces of checked baggage, 3 children with an average age of 2, and two adults across five countries. (If you recall, we undertook a similar journey in 2012 which was blogged here as well: part 1, part 2, and part 3.)

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As always, you can see all the photos online. I started a day-by-day breakdown but ultimately that takes a lot of effort, and I'd rather get something posted sooner rather than later. I've discovered that Google Plus will automatically generate "stories" if you upload a bunch of photos, so that's just what I did. Unfortunately they only process 2,000 photos at a time, and we have more than that, so I had to break it down into two stories. Without further ado:

Part 1: Days 1-18

Part 2: Days 18-20

The trip itself was great, but the weather left a lot to be desired. It felt like the forecast was always good, but what we experienced was cold and rainy (it even snowed three to four times!)

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