Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just a quick update tonight before bed... we started the day by taking the train to Ghent, where we did not a whole lot other than walk the 2km to the center of town and climb the Belfry, which was really fun (by "climb" I really mean "take the lift"). Then back on the train to Brugge/Bruges where we spent most of the day, including 366 steps to climb the Belfry (no lift) and a canal tour. We ended with a 3km walk around town before hopping the train back to Brussels/Bruxelles where we saw some semi-public performance in the Grand Place called L'Eventaile (we think). You needed tickets to get in the bleachers, but we stood on the side and ended up with a decent view. A beer keg being pulled down the street, complete with police escort, gave out free beer. Then back to the hotel to pack up. Tomorrow morning we're heading out to Antwerp for the day (including, hopefully, a chance to see a Gutenberg Bible) then on to Amsterdam where we'll be for the next three nights. Hopefully we'll have free wireless at the hotel there like we do here in Brussels, now that our hotel fixed it (the internet was down the first night).

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