Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby Update #4

So our water broke at 1:45 or so - just after we had worried about whether we should artificially break it to speed up labor. That went great and everyone had a second wind and much excitement occurred once one of the students noticed a lot of bulging. Unfortunately a subsequent cervical exam showed only 6cm of dilation. After a few more hours of laboring we were at 6.5. And then we were still unchanged at 4pm and the midwife called it. We had debated when we might give up so it was easy to have such a definitive verdict. We are now in the University of Washington medical center with most important of all, an epidural. It really is a remarkable difference especially after 42.75 hours of labor with no interventions at all. No baby yet but we are going to rest while things progress hopefully - still at 6cm at last check.

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