Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Shower and Registry

Way back in June we announced right here on this blog that we were expecting. Well, that time is finally near. We'll definitely post something here when the baby arrives. For some of you (especially those of you who are going to become grandparents and aunts), you'll probably hear the news sooner. But please wait patiently :-)

In the meantime, Sarah and I both want to thank everyone who's sent presents. Formal thank-you notes need to wait, for reasons that will become clear once you receive them. We're certainly not expecting gifts, but if you feel the pressing need, allow me to take this moment to point you to our baby registries at Amazon and Target.

Finally, you have likely already received an invitation to the Orange Party which will take place on October 30, with a special time of 2-5pm this year. If for some reason we've missed you, please let us know and we'll forward you the evite (the new evite interface sucks, by the way!) or just show up anyway :)

Finally, if you absolutely cannot resist knowing whether the baby has arrived yet, please feel free to check this site which will tell you if the baby has arrived yet.

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