Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Weekend

Did a bunch of somewhat small events recently, and I took some photos:

On Thursday, Theo enjoyed a raspberry popsicle. [photos]

On Friday night our neighbors hosted a guest BBQ at the Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club. We attended one of these a few years ago where we actually participated in the lawn bowling, but this time we just attended for the food and left a bit early to put Theo to bed. [photos]

On Saturday, we went to a BBQ hosted by friends. [photos]

Sunday was Beacon Rocks, where about 7 bands take over a street next to the light rail station and play a free concert for the community. It's organized by a bunch of folks we know (and Sarah helps with the publicity) so of course we attended. We won a free wading pool in the raffle! [photos]

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