Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vivian Weight Update

We weighed Vivian on an unofficial basis (but an accurate scale, unlike the ones at home) on Thursday evening. In just shy of two weeks, she's hit 15 lbs, which is an increase of 1 lb and 3.5 oz. Yes, that's great news. Yes, it's taken me this long to post the update. Yes, that's actually a very impressive turn around time these days. I'm also in the process of uploading my 2000 photo backlog. You might think I'm kidding, but I'm not. You will see the posts for and to those sooner (or more likely later).

In the meantime, I have all six months of Vivian's giraffe photos uploaded, which means I'm current on that at least and can share them with you. Check them out here to see how she has (or in some cases, hasn't) grown. Michal also has his (much better) photos of them same thing uploaded. You might have seen the most recent of those (five months) on an earlier blog post.

In the meantime, Vivian is on the three meals of solids a day and nurse as often as she wants program. Her solids include (in roughly the order they were introduced) avocado, bananas, oatmeal, sweet potato, yogurt, apples, and pears. She's due for mangoes as soon as I can get them pureed. So far, she's a banana girl. If it has bananas in it, she'll eat it. So she gets banana yogurt, banana oatmeal, banana avocado, and just plain bananas a lot. She's also onboard with the sweet potatoes, but the pears, which I thought she would love, she was not totally sold on. For Vivian, that means she definitely noticed the new food, but was willing to eat it in that way where you had to entertain her to get her to open her mouth to insert food. In all other items she's pretty ambivalent, especially without the banana additive. Lucky for us, banana is just about the easiest thing to add to anything as all we have to do is keep bananas on hand and mush them with a fork into whatever we want her to eat.

Grow, Vivian, grow! Your next check-up is less than a month away.

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