Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Zoo Lights at Pt. Defiance Zoo

In keeping with our new-found Tacoma tradition, we went to the Pt. Defiance Zoo's Zoo Lights on December 22nd. We arrived just after it opened at 5pm, having driven through a progressively heavier and heavier rainstorm which ended merely moments before we arrived. The optimist in me prevailed, however, and it didn't rain again until we were leaving. Curiously, the crowds got more and more crowded as the night went on.

When we told Theo we were going to a zoo, his first reaction was "animals!". Then "eat!". He wanted to see the animals eat, and really, he wanted to feed them. (He did also say "lights", as he'd seen Christmas light displays before.) He was not disappointed.

Theo also had a great time watching the tiger cubs play with each other ("bite!") and, on the way back out to the car, riding on the carousel. (The linked photo is one of the rare times we can get him to smile on a carousel -- usually he has what we call his "carousel face" on, which is this serious demeanor which we've learned means he's having a really wonderful time, and will want to ride again -- which of course we did.) Vivian also had a great time on the carousel, and we particularly liked the "you don't pay if you're standing" policy.

Stay tuned for some more updates about Christmas activities!

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