Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Christmas 2012

Vivian opening presents.

Theo opening presents.

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Christmas this year took place twice -- once in the Polish tradition of opening presents on the evening of the 24th, and once on Christmas morning. We often didn't know who sent what present ahead of time, so we picked roughly half for the 24th. Our original plan was to wrap two presents for each kid, then leave the rest in boxes; Vivian doesn't care and Theo very much enjoys opening boxes. However, he had so much fun opening the wrapped presents (and some of the presents inside the boxes were also wrapped!) that we ended up wrapping some more for the 25th. One really cute thing that happened while waiting for the presents on the 24th: Theo learned the words "Death Star". The way you know Santa has brought presents to open, since you're awake and everything, is you go out and look for the first star in the sky that's visible. We told Theo he had to look for a star, and he found a moon. I said "that's no moon" but Sarah didn't place the quote, so I finished it (technically the quote ends "it's a space station", but I said "that's a death star" which Theo immediately picked up on).

Here's an unedited video of the 24th:

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