Thursday, January 17, 2013

Governor's Inaugural Ball

As is now our every-four-year tradition, we attended the Governor's Inaugural Ball last night. That's us with Jay Inslee (the governor) above. You can see all the photos I took, or check out smaller photo galleries from The Seattle Times and The Tacoma News-Tribune. In at least four of the photos we were standing either behind the governor, or just outside the frame. In this photo:

we're somewhere behind and just to the left of the governor. If I had more resolution I might be able to tell if perhaps that's one of our heads. Anyway, the food was excellent, and we managed to carry on our tradition of getting an autograph from the Secretary of State (the newly elected Kim Wyman); we asked for the embossed seal that we had received from the previous Secretary, and she made us one; it turns out it was her first-ever (and she actually made the first one sideways, so we got to keep the second-ever one). The food was excellent; she had her own unofficial buffet in her office which started us off (and was a heartier meal -- with ravioli and meatballs -- than the super-fancy but smaller hors d'oeuvres which we didn't actually manage to get to until near the end of the evening). Top it off with all-you-can-drink inauguration wine (with even a Riesling varietal available!) and a splendid time was had by all.

(The middle photo was clearly taken by one of the photographers with the yellow press stripes in the lower right of the bottom photo, if that helps you look for us in the middle photo.)

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