Wednesday, May 22, 2013

April's Best Photos

April went by in a blur, most likely because we spent almost half the month traveling to and fro. I'll try and get the photos from our trip out shortly, but in the meantime here are my favorites from the first part of the month. You can check out the entire gallery, too.

Theo enjoys an Easter cupcake from our neighbor across the alley, Ms. Phyllis. (Post note: look at those lovely even teeth all in their correct locations!)

We went to the Museum of History and Industry on the first Thursday of the month, when lots of area museums stay open late and have free admission. This particular museum had recently moved and reopened. Theo is pointing out the geese on the lake on our way from the parking lot to the museum.

Vivian finally started in the parent child class where Theo has been attending for two years. She really enjoyed the first class. Here she is smiling at herself in the mirror on this toy.

Theo likes to catch all the fish in his fishing game and line them up on the dining room table. He plays this game every week with Ms. Patricia (also a neighbor) when I take Vivian to class.

Here is an absolutely terrible shot of our parents' group kids. We had all the kids lined up on the sofa in the same place (we have done this twice before, once as babies and once as toddlers) and I forgot my camera so this was all I got. I tried to dig through Michal's slightly better photos (he also forgot the big camera but at least had opportunity to get a better shot) but couldn't find the right ones.

Theo in the construction room at the children's museum when we attended courtesy of our friends Ilana and Isaac. (Thanks! We had an awesome time.) Someone else had started this house and Theo loved climbing in and out of it.

Vivian paging through a cookbook after library story time.

Vivian enjoying a meal. And a plate.

Vivian enjoying herself and the mess she's made.

One last visit with the Beetle car before we shipped it home. Theo still asks about it since it's not in the usual parking space here anymore, and now asks when it is coming back.

Vivian driving a car at the playground...

while Theo works at the storefront there.

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