Saturday, May 11, 2013

Theo's Tooth

See that fresh scratch in the center of the above post on the playground? Theo's teeth did that. He fell off a balance bar and just happened to fall on this thing. He took the paint off, and scratched the metal. Unfortunately, he also broke two of his teeth in half. He's been seen by a dentist and has been put on an ice cream and soft foods diet until Tuesday when he goes in again to see what happens to the teeth. Three options have been outlined:
  1. The teeth's roots (nerves) are undamaged, and he gets some cosmetic reconstruction done. This is the best-case scenario.
  2. He gets two mini root canals.
  3. The teeth get pulled entirely. This is the worst-case scenario, and the lack of baby teeth will likely mean that the permanent teeth will come in a little prematurely (but it's not clear to me whether that means a few weeks early or a few years early).
It's been extremely difficult to get photos of Theo's teeth; the best I've done so far is below. Theo's in great spirits and his biggest complaint was that we had to leave the playground.

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