Sunday, August 11, 2013

Amazon Company Picnic

Amazon holds an annual summer picnic for its employees. Traditionally it's been held at a private venue called Mountain Meadows Farm, in North Bend, WA. This is the same venue that Microsoft (and if rumors hold true, other major employers) hold their summer picnics. However it was sold a few years back and for whatever reason, the picnic was held at Qwest Field this year.

Theo had a great time in the bounce houses. There was lots of food, including special applesauce pouches and goldfish in the kids' area.

Vivian had a fun time with the toddler toys.

Theo did too, although he's outgrown this tractor.

This wad of cotton candy kept Theo (and Vivian) entertained while Sarah waited in the line for a free Barbie doll (evidence of can be seen in the pink bags carried in the crowd on either side of this photo).

It was so much fun that Vivian passed out immediately in the stroller upon leaving and didn't wake up again until we got home (via the light rail). (Oh, I should mention all the kids got balls to keep, which at taking up Theo's spot in the stroller here.) Theo, on the other hand, managed to be incredibly reasonable all the way home. When we arrived he went down for his nap. We were faced with the "Should We Wake Him?" dilemma 2 hours later (at 6pm). We opted to see where this nap would take us and we let him sleep; he woke up when Vivian screamed while changing at 7pm, and promptly went back to sleep and didn't wake up for 14 and a half hours. If that's not indicative of how much fun he had, I don't know what is. See all the photos and videos.

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