Monday, August 5, 2013

July's Best Photos

Not a whole lot of action here in July. We stayed at home the entire month, which is something of an anomaly so far this year. So this month's best photos are a smattering of typical summer days (which in fact, have been less summery than usual after a week of hot weather in mid June). See the whole gallery for all the fun.

One of Theo's Lego train creations. He likes to use all the blocks of one color first, then the next color and so on and so forth, which creates a pleasant striated effect in the final result.

Vivian running with her hat, which she wants to put on. She's totally an accessory girl and likes to get shoes, hats, and even some days, pants to put on.

The best shot I managed to get of the two of them in their Fourth of July finery at our friends' party.

Playing with sidewalk chalk in the backyard one afternoon.

Theo and Daddy onboard one of the bigger wooden boats at the Wooden Boat Festival.

Vivian loved going up and down this "hill" on her own at the festival.

Vivian eating strawberries from an ice cream cone courtesy of Daddy.

Vivian trying to figure out how to put on a pair of shoes when she's already wearing another pair.

Vivian kissing the meercat. She is big into kisses these days as well.

More sidewalk chalk.

Theo during his test ride of the new child bike seat.

The bike seat in action.

Vivian had to have a turn as well.

Theo doing art at story time at the library.

Theo and Vivian riding the sheep statue outside the library.

Theo, Vivian, and Daddy watching the airshow at the Arlington Fly In.

Theo enjoying the car ride at the county fair. He's topped 36 inches now so a lot of the rides are open to him, since they are a height limit rather than age-based.

Theo really loves to take a shower now and get all lathered up.

Theo, the meercat, and Daddy riding the big blue ball.

Theo's horse from Wild Wild West week at school. He is loving the five hour drop off, and Vivian and I enjoy it immensely as well.

 Mama and Vivian with her new notebook and pen, winnings from Street Scramble.

Vivian at lunch.

And under the fox towel.

Vivian at the last free Friday concert.

All the things Theo doesn't want to share when his friends come over for a playdate are stashed in the closet (where the lighting is even worse than normal). You can make out the penguin, Lego trains, and Lego bulldozer if you know what you're looking at.

Theo saw what we call the Smurf suit in a photo and wanted to put it on.

So of course Vivian had to try it on as well.

Possibly my favorite shot from this month: Vivian in a bulldozer at Touch a Truck. It was also one of only a few shots I got as I forgot to take my camera. Michal got a much better selection.

Theo and Daddy spraying water from a hose to knock over the cones at Touch a Truck.

Theo wearing Daddy's shoes.

Theo and Vivian waiting for the water to splash at the zoo.

Vivian enjoying some Nutella at snacktime.

Theo enjoying his Nutella more.

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