Monday, September 30, 2013

Theo at Three

I'm posting a bit ahead of time for anyone who hasn't already completed their birthday shopping and wants some ideas. Here is Theo's "wishlist" on Amazon, which is really a list of things his parents think he will love.

Theo is still obsessed with planes. He likes to identify all the different types, such as passenger planes, fighter jets, biplanes, and the list goes on. Blue Angels are by far his favorite. We thought it might be any fighter jet. But the Blue Angels were sequestered for SeaFair this year. (He'd been asking about the Blue Angels at least once a week, sometimes every day, since their last show in August 2012. Sometime in April 2013 we realized they wouldn't be showing and I still feel bad about the nine months of telling him they would be back in August.) Instead, we saw the Patriots. Theo liked the Patriots just fine, but they were no Blue Angels. At the Museum of Flight festival, he loved the Blue Angel even more than the bouncy houses or any other airplane or activity on site. When I tried to buy him some Patriot paraphernalia (see above re: guilt about the Blue Angels no-show), all he wanted was another Blue Angel plane. We have two now, a big one and a little one. Both number 4, which is (probably not a coincidence) the same number as the one on display at the museum.

Besides planes, trains also have huge appeal. Theo plays with his wooden trains and tracks every single day. It is by far the most loved and played with toy in the house. Anything that's vaguely related to trains is a guaranteed hit.  He's not particular about brands, either, as he loves the generic ones just as much as Chugginton and Thomas and any other branded type.

He's also developed a very recent fascination with badgers, thanks to a new book that has a picture of a badger in it. He's very much into longer picture books now, rather than exclusively board books. That's been the case for quite a while, and Dr. Suess are some of his new favorites, along with the ever-popular Curious George. Theo loves books more than anything but planes and trains as far as I can tell, especially if he's getting some quality lap time while enjoying them.

He's very into both art and music. Our art supplies are fairly basic (markers, crayons, stickers), but he loves art projects at school like cutting and pasting and stringing and play doh. As for music, he still has very distinct preferences for type, and right now the most frequently requested songs are Wheels on the Bus (still), and Itsy Bitsy Spider. If I had to pick an artist, I'd go with Caspar Babypants but he's not super particular about performers as much as songs.

Theo is wearing a size 3T in everything, and could probably use some 4T pajamas in the near future. He loves "soft" (ie elastic waist) pants and bright colors and patterns best. He will pick his fleece pants over any others, and the red ones over the black ones. His next favorite pants are definitely the Zutano striped pants. His favorite shirts have planes or trains on them.

This is the first year that Theo is looking forward to his birthday. He knows it is in October and that October comes after September. I'm not sure what happens tomorrow when he discovers it is October, but I'm glad his birthday is earlier in the month rather than later.

We have a doctor's appointment later this month and I will update more about his eat, sleep, and play habits then, as well as his latest stats. He's definitely growing as most his 2T pants which fit a month or so ago now look like capris. It's just a matter of how much. In one of his classes, despite the fact that he's one of the youngest kids, he's definitely in the middle to the top of the pack in height. He's also one of the lightest weight kids there based on my informal survey snooping at other kids' stats on an art project earlier this month.

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