Thursday, October 3, 2013

August's Best Shots

I have about 225 photos not travel-related from August, but some of the best ones are videos. Since I'm too lazy to upload them to YouTube in addition to Smugmug, you should definitely go check them out in the August Gallery. They are all at the beginning. My favorite is probably the first one, where Theo reads his train book. The best part occurs in the background as Vivian tries to dress the dog.

I also love the video which goes with this photo, where Theo reads Mouse Paint to me, mostly because he does it in proper story time style with the book facing the audience and upside down to him.

On to the photos...

Vivian is obsessed with stamps. Here she is getting some from Ms. Carol after story time. She likes them on her hands, feet, and belly when possible. And she often picks up items at home and walks around giving everyone stamps (including their bellies) using Legos or anything else lying around that is square and roughly the right size.

The number 4 Blue Angel plane on display at the Need for Speed Festival at the beginning of the month. Theo liked a lot of things there, including the souvenirs for purchase, but this Blue Angel was by far his favorite. He chose one just like it and went up and held it near the real one and said "Look, Mama! Just like this one."

Enjoying the beach of Lake Washington at Madrona on one of those toasty summer days. Despite his swim outfit, Theo didn't care for the "waves" (lapping water from boats passing by) enough to actually get in. But they both had fun snacking and playing in the sand with buckets and shovels.

Vivian working on a masterpiece at home.

Enjoying music and one of the couch cushions.

Vivian in her life jacket at Debbie's lake house. It's still large enough that it rides up and bumps her chin, but she asked to put it on again. We had a great day at the lake, but sadly I got zero photos of the actual boat ride that necessitated the life jackets. I guess that's what happens when you have two kids two and under on a motorboat. Both of them enjoyed the ride, but only Vivian was interested in driving the boat. She drove twice. Theo refused and instead enjoyed the water (and the bouncing) from the back of the boat.

Vivian passed out hard after all the fun at the company picnic.

Theo rides a Farmall at the Sky Valley Tractor Show. You can see Michal's photos here.

Riding one of the fleet of mini-tractors at the show.

The infamous water balloon toss at the annual gathering of neighbors. You can see Theo midway down with our new neighbor Ms. Sarah and Michal waiting to catch the next toss. The lines get further apart until only one set of partners completes a toss back and forth. Theo loved the water balloons and went back for more until they ran out.

More water fun for the kids at the sprinkler at the neighborhood potluck.

Vivian happily reading books to herself at bedtime while Theo is in my lap. This. Is. Awesome!

Vivian loves to dress up. Until now it's been limited to her own clothes, but on this occasion she raided my closet for the first time for this shirt. For her, it's a very stylish dress. I think she wears it better than me.

Theo, at age 2, not only recognizes all his letters. But now he can write some as well. Here's the first one he's been able to do on his own, M.

A decent shot of Theo's curls, which I adore.

The wall of finishers in the summer reading program at the library. Theo's badge is two rows down from the 0 in 2013. Vivian mysteriously ended up two over from Theo's badge, rather than next to it. Theo hit 80 books this year. Vivian clocked in at more than 50. This view shows only a portion of the wall.

Vivian is giving her reflection kisses.

Feeding bunnies carrots at the kids' museum.

Reading Chalk with our neighbor Ms. Phyllis.

Playing peek-a-boo with a blanket.

Airplanes parked at all the gates at the airport Theo built on the coffee table.

Enjoying the treats Ms. Phyllis brought over.

Theo's dinosaur appeared one morning with chalk in a bag, just like in Chalk.

Vivian driving the garbage truck at another Touch A Truck event.

Theo has Meercat wrapped up in the train blanket, taking care of her.

Vivian, Theo, and our friend Aster in the control tower of the children's area at the Museum of Flight.

Theo and Aster piloting the helicopter at the museum.

Vivian samples some very local plums.

Feeding gathered apples and plums to the chickens.

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