Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Spirit

We took Theo and Vivian to the toy store tonight to give them the option to buy gifts for each other. It posed a risk as the store had a train table and thousands of desirable things and we had a bit of a schedule to keep (to see the "snow" fall indoors and eat dinner).

But both kids aced it. We left the store with zero fits, kicks, or screams - and the items pictured above. Vivian put a bit more effort into the endeavor. She actually left the train table to peruse the shelves. She picked up both the plane and the orange helicopter for consideration, but ultimately decided on the airplane. She also took it over to Theo, who immediately ok'd it, so we know she understood what was happening.

Theo never moved away from the train table but did look up and pick from what his glance fell upon. He chose a bigger giraffe puppet to start but settled on this smaller cat puppet after another round.

I'm super impressed with both of their abilities to shop for each other and curious to see how their selections stack up with the bounty of the holidays.

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