Monday, December 16, 2013

September's Favorite Photos

I'm a wee bit behind on photos. Here are my favorites from Septemeber. You can see all the contenders in the gallery here.

Vivian loves hats. She put on two this time. I guess she couldn't decide which one, so why not both?

Vivian sporting Daddy's glasses.

Vivian is ready to bail on this double tricycle ride but the matching shirts are still adorable.

Theo and Daddy riding at the back of the train at the state fair. Theo rode multiple times.

Theo riding the canoes at the state fair.

Vivian rocking with the dinosaur and meercat.

Vivian riding the pig in the backyard.

Theo and Vivian reading books together.

And playing together.

Theo masquerading as a package.

Vivian in the bath.

We moved Vivian and Theo in together in the middle of the month. Here is Theo doing some acrobatics to get from his bed to Vivian's and back on their first afternoon napping together. They both love the arrangement, although a "stay in your own bed" rule has been established for sleeping times.

Theo soaking in the view when we went yurt camping with friends.

Vivian reading Horton Hears a Who to herself.

Vivian wearing her fox hat around the house for fun.

Vivian's attempt to dress herself in her penguin pajama top. She wore it around this way for quite a while.

Vivian and Theo with Daddy at the gym for a friend's birthday party.

Theo is still able to squish himself into this monkey Halloween costume from last year.

Vivian in the monkey costume and Theo in his clownfish costume.

Vivian is extremely pleased with her take out dinner.

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