Saturday, January 10, 2015

Theo's Ski Lessons

Back in October I signed Theo up for a 6-week series of ski lessons, and the very first lesson was today! Aside from the fact the Pacific Northwest isn't having a very good snow year and the ski area should really have been closed because there were literally only three runs open, Theo did great! Part of the reason the poor snow conditions didn't bother him is that all the real beginnners were hanging out in the "corral": an enclosed area with carpets to walk uphill on. ("Uphill" is very loosely defined as there's hardly any slope at all.)

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When I mean Theo did well, I mean exceptionally well. I was surprised at how well he did. Not only with the chaos and confusion of dropoff (separation was abrupt and he had said he didn't even want to go, so the fact there were no tears was a surprise), but Theo actually skied a lot better than I thought he would. Here's a video I caught from quite a distance away from early in the morning. I was trying to stay hidden. Theo is in the blue coat and about to get off the carpet inside the corral.

I later came back around 11 to check on the class and this time Theo spotted me. He was happy to see me, but got really sad when I didn't take him home and many tears were shed. Later after I picked him up he told me he didn't eat any lunch because he was too sad so perhaps being spotted caused two full hours of grief. However, when I came back around 2:15pm to watch the final fifteen minutes of the class, he was super happy to show me his skiing abilities, and when his class went to build snowmen I thought for sure my video opportunities would go away but he declared he'd rather keep skiing!

He even did well walking around with his skis on:

Perhaps part of the fun was eating snow. He did a lot of it -- I suspect part of it was he was actually quite warm, part was thirst, and part was the boredom of waiting in line.

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Those poor snow conditions I mentioned? This is the best run they had open:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Afterwards we stopped by the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad Museum because he did so well. Check out all the photos.

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