Friday, May 1, 2015

Seven Months

Xavier is seven months old. We wouldn't normally have any stats, but he had an extra appointment for a weight check and flu booster shot. He tipped the scales at 19 lbs 8.5 oz, so that's 1 lb and 6.5 oz in five weeks. It didn't change his weight percentiles much: from 63rd to 64th CDC and 63rd to 71 WHO. He also grew half an inch to 29 inches long which keeps him in the 95th and 97th percentiles for height.

Xavier started rolling over in both directions right after his six month birthday. He can easily go from his back to his belly now. He will sometimes make it in the other direction and even put a few rolls together to reach something. But as often as not he can still get stuck on his belly - or stuck on his belly under something.

Right at seven months, he started moving around on his belly. That's mostly because our wood floors don't offer much resistance. I rarely put him directly on the floor because it's hard and I feel bad doing it. Usually he has a mat or blanket. But he was on the floor directly over the weekend and once he rolled to his belly, he had a fabulous time pushing himself around backwards and rotating to reach things. I don't feel like our house is too bad in the child-proofing department but now I know it needs some work. Mostly he's trying to eat dust bunnies, shoes, and old electronics we haven't gotten around to getting rid of much less of moving out of the living spaces.

Since he was losing weight at six months, we started feeding him three (and sometimes four when I am really on top of it, which is rare) times a day. Rice cereal was a close contender to avocados for his new favorite food - until we introduced oatmeal. Oatmeal is where it's at as far as Xavier is concerned. Mum mums are also a huge hit. I'm not sure if he likes the taste or just the fact that he can feed himself and that they feel good on his constantly teething gums.Other new foods we introduced included squash (no complaints), mangoes (pretty tasty), apples, and peaches (ambivalent about both).

He has object permanence for sure. I know this because if you try to take something away from him, for example the headphone cord he grabbed and tried to chew on the airplane, he complains.

He's fascinated with tags, cords, and straps of pretty much any variety. He loves balls and paper and electronics, as well as pretty much anything he probably shouldn't have (cords and the like) and anything his siblings play with or use.

We've gone from not quite four teeth to five through the gums. The ones on top are impressively large. The ones on the bottom are impressively sharp, as I found out to my detriment when he bit me during our trip and it took two weeks to heal. I feel like he's been teething since 4.5 months because, well, he has. Sleep has suffered for sure as  a result. It's the first time I can think of even for a couple days that one tooth is in and I can't see the next one getting ready to poke through.

As for sleep, since we spent most of the month traveling, it's been pretty ugly. Xavier definitely did not sleep well on any of the plane rides. I think he did not have enough room to spread out much. He's not a small baby and being scrunched on top of me to try and sleep didn't seem to help any. Since getting back and getting over jetlag he's settled in to a much nicer sleep routine. He's generally napping twice a day for an hour or longer each time. He can go as long as four hours awake but usually lasts less long in the mornings at only two to two and half hours. He's getting up for the day around 7 a.m. most days but it's by no means consistent yet. He's also going to bed much earlier, also by 7 p.m. or 8 at the latest.

If he isn't at home in his crib, his nap will last 25 minutes (aka one sleep cycle) and then he's up, but he needs another nap sooner. He will still snooze in the carrier, stroller, or car seat. His nap times both during the morning and afternoon are often subject to drop off and pick up times for his siblings, which sucks. He no longer sleeps through being transferred from one place to another, not even in the bucket car seat. And he hasn't made a successful transfer since before we left.

He's still pretty mellow, though he gets cranky when tired and fussy if he goes too long between meals or nursing. He also doesn't like for me to walk by him and not pick him up now, and that's generally cause for complaint as well. He's uncomfortable in super wet or poopy diapers but doesn't complain outright so that tends to be harder to diagnose. The best example of his personality: when he gets shots, he cries. Then I pick him up and thirty seconds later he's grinning at the nurse who gave him the poke(s)s. He likes to flirt now, smiling at someone, then ducking his head into my shoulder, then peeking back out with another smile. Overall he's just a super happy go lucky guy with some adorable fat rolls.

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