Saturday, December 3, 2016

Holiday Wishlists

It's coming up on the holiday season, and to make gift giving easier we wanted to highlight some wish lists which may help you:

Michal's Wishlist
Michal enjoys gadgets of all kinds but especially electronic gadgets and super-especially electronic gadgets which link to or use a phone in some way.

Sarah's Wishlist
Sarah likes birds: feeding and housing, and treats: clothes, makeup, and snacks. She likes practical things: things she can use or which make her life easier in some way. Home organization is always good.

Theo's Wishlist
Theo loves building things: blocks, magnet tiles, legos, hotwheels track and crafts which involve building. He still loves trains and to a lesser extent airplanes. Theo is like his father and will not appreciate clothing.

Vivian's Wishlist
Vivian loves babies, hockey and horses. Pink and green are her two favorite colors, and she also really enjoys getting new clothes. She loves art and crafts and projects she can do.

Xavier's Wishlist
Xavier loves balls, trains and vehicles (including the choking hazard size matchbox cars). He likes all sports-related things and recognizes the difference between balls used for different sports (eg golf ball, baseball, football). He would also like some more clothes with balls on them.

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