Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hello, is this thing on? Yep! Here we go. We managed to miss the Christmas blogs and all of the, well, last three months. Maybe one day we'll catch up but in the meantime I think we should just keep going with where we're at.

The last weekend of March we took a trip to Whistler as we did the previous year (curiously I can't find a blog for that trip to link to!). We put Theo in ski lessons on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday while Vivian only did Friday and Sunday since we learned a lesson about her doing three days straight last year (she was basically kicked out of the ski school on the third day last year). These are much more involved days than our normal days at Snoqualmie, since the kids are in lessons from 8:45am through 3pm (which is about 2.5 hours longer than their lessons at Snoqualmie last). Whistler's ski school is pretty expensive too -- and I learned that we're not even paying for the kids lift tickets since all kids 6 and under ski free (woo! yet I fear for next year since Whistler is $95CAD/day). The ski school provides lunch for the kids too and generally has much higher quality instruction than Snoqualmie, and even puts a GPS tracker on the kids! Here are the tracks for the kids:

Theo – Mar 24 & 25

Vivian – Mar 24 & 26

Of course I also put a tracker on myself!
Mar 24 - 26.5 mi, 26,884ft vertical descent, 47.0 mph max speed
Mar 25 - 21.2 mi, 18,827ft vertical descent, 40.7 mph max speed
Mar 26 - 26.1 mi, 25,810ft vertical descent, 49.5 mph max speed

We took a leisurely fourth day to return to Seattle, and hit up the really fun Britannia Mining Museum en route. Whistler had a lot of snow, and the weather was mostly overcast and snowy the entire time we were there. There was enough snow that even the playground in the village had 2-3' (and since our rented room was right next to the playground the kids had a field day).
Check out the Google Photos gallery.

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