Monday, February 16, 2009

In the Dog House

We had a visitor of the canine persuasion for the long weekend. Wheatie came to stay with us Friday to Monday while Andy, Angie, and Ally played in Hawaii. We got lucky with the weather, and had very little rain during her stay.
Wheatie has a basket of toys here, and she played with all seven in the first hour. We prolonged the life of several with duct tape, and they lasted throughout her stay. She also slept in several of our old dog beds. For anyone who has met Wheatie, you'll realize that she exceeded the intended occupancy size by a bit, as seen here. Rocket's manners deteriorated during the visit, and she jumped up on anything to stay secure, even though most things were off limits. Rocket and Wheatie tolerated each other, and nine times out of ten Wheatie didn't even approach Rocket unless she ran (at which point the chase reflex kicked in). We did spend a lot of quality time with the squeak toys. Best of all, one afternoon Wheatie squeaked her green bone, and Rocket immediately made the exact same sequence of squeaks from the other room. Needless to say, Wheatie preferred the live version.

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Unknown said...

That is one of the cutest pics of Wheat ever! Thanks again for watching our fuzzy little girl!!