Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My previous landlords had a farewell party this weekend, and I stopped in to say goodbye. I watched their kids about once a week for the three plus years I lived in the mother-in-law apartment in their basement. I can remember when their youngest, London, was born. She'll turn five years old this March. Her older brothers, Jake and Griffin, will be eight. They moved to California on short notice, and rented their old house out to two couples.

In a strange coincidence, I got a phone call from Sid's mom the same day. We set up a dinner date, and Sid and I had a fantastic time plowing through a pizza and an order of flatbread at Tutta Bella. We also tricked out our set of Wikkisticks. Sid, now six and a half (he was six months old when I started working for them, and not quite three when I left), not only made me a Valentine, but also wrote a huge book (12 x 18) complete with table of contents and an index entitled "Grat Lrnin" (Great Learning for those who don't speak kid). He read me the entire thing, and I freely admit that I am head over heels for it. If you want to hear all the best parts, call me and I'll read it to you. You can also see the head of the woodpecker and hummingbird he made for me in the picture, and he sent me home with many other creations as well as more fond memories.

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