Friday, September 2, 2011

What We've Been Up To

We've attended a lot of small events last weekend (and more generally in the past few weeks) and not all of them have merited their own mention on the blog. So I'll try and round up most of those into this single blog post full of shiny photo goodness. If you want to see more photos from each event, just click the photo posted and you'll be whisked off to the gallery.

First up, we've got Theo eating olives at home. He absolutely loves putting his finger through the middle.

Almost two weeks ago we attended the first of what I'm sure will be many, many children's birthday parties; this one was for Elliott's first birthday.

The very next day, our neighbors on 19th Ave had their annual block party; we hadn't been for a couple of years but we went this year. Although I'm a fan of our (18th Ave) block party which happens earlier in August on National Night Out (you've seen it on this blog), 19th definitely has the larger party!

That evening, our friends Ethan and Stefanie had a housewarming party for their new home, which has absolutely stunning landscaping (which of course is only incidentally featured in the photos I took).

Last Sunday was the final Beacon Rocks for the summer, where musicians take over the street outside the light rail station. Not only did Sarah's A Capella group perform at the event, it was also marked by the official renaming of the block to Roberto Maestas Festival Street and so brought out all sorts of local politicians, including the King County Executive and Seattle's Mayor, Mike McGinn.

This past week I had to run to deal with the chickens fighting while Theo was eating. Although I was gone for perhaps two minutes, and despite having ensured the bowl of yogurt was out of his reach, Theo managed to yank on the placemat and get ahold of the bowl. It was a hilarious mess, and in the end it turns out he ate quite a bit of the yogurt (and especially its blueberries) on his own.

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