Friday, July 6, 2012

Bathroom Construction: Day 40 (July 5)

Some finishing touches. Toilet paper;

Drawer and door pulls on the vanity:


Bath rug:

Shower curtain:

I also installed the consumer reports' top-rated showerhead, and took a glorious shower. (It really is nice.) I also put in a new outlet for the clothes washer in the laundry room (for the past few weeks it's been running off an extension cord).

What's left in the project? Well, there's a reason all the photos are looking into the bathroom. There's still no door! We also bought a mirror that's too large for the bathroom, and we'll likely want a medicine cabinet as well. Finally I want to do some electrical work in the laundry room, adding some more electrical outlets and reconfiguring the lights to both be more useful to doing laundry, and be on their own switch from the rest of the basement. Once all that's done, I'll need to drywall and paint the other side of all the bathroom walls (yep, that's right -- behind the tile is some drywall. Behind the drywall, on the west wall anyway, is literally nothing -- the studs are still exposed.)

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Andrew said...

Incredible to watch the process. Great looking bathroom. I think it will add so much usefullness to the house.