Friday, July 6, 2012

Bathroom Construction: End of Day 32 (June 26)

After an evening off for dodgeball, I went back at it and tiled the north wall (excluding the window):

Look carefully at the photo. Go ahead, look. I'll wait.

Did you see it? Yep, the light! There's a light on the ceiling! Which is why the photos were so lovely. Here's the main light, and not just the fan light:

I also completed the south wall, a very tiny section as most of the wall is actually the door:

And here are some closeup details of the plumbing trim out that the plumber did:

This one is the tub spout connector, which has an o-ring which really needed to stay clean, so it's covered by a bag:

And finally, the plumber also put our laundry sink back into action!

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