Friday, July 6, 2012

Bathroom Construction: End of Days 34 and 35 (June 27 and 28)

Day 34 was evidently one of those days I missed taking a photo. But I know it was grouting. Because day 35 was grouting as well. I actually bought an epoxy grout which is far superior to cement-based grouts. Except for the part where once it sets on the tiles you can't get it off. And I know how I grout. I like to have a nice solid haze on there, because if the grout in the joints is still wet, I cannot wipe off the tiles to save my life. So I need the grout to set before I wipe it off. So I did the epoxy grout around the area behind (and above) the sink [because this was a low-visibility area] and ultimately had to take a paper towel to the black tiles to get them clean. I gave up. (Also, I had bought two sets of the grout -- one for ALL the walls and one for the floor. How mistaken I was! I ended up needing to buy two more sets of concrete grout for the walls.) The photos are a bit hard to see, but you should be able to tell where the joints are grouted and where they aren't:

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