Friday, March 22, 2013

January's Best Photos

Following up on  my promise to post the backlog of photos, here are January's photos. And a selection of my favorites:

Vivian training to sleep unswaddled with one arm out. She put it at that angle, not me.

Theo with his busted nose from New Year's Eve: It was clearly an awesome evening.

Vivian playing with one of her hundred mega-watt smiles.

Theo fresh from a bath wearing his crab pajamas

It turns out pianos make excellent runways, too.

A very sad girl, probably because I just changed her clothes. She hates getting dressed. I have very few photos of Vivian crying because it doesn't happen that often.

Vivian's days generally look a lot more like this one.

Theo is obsessed with bridges and tunnels since our big drive in Europe last fall. Here's one of his many creations.

Vivian wearing Theo's new hat from Grandma in a failed attempt to convince him to put it on. He will continue to wear the (too small) moose hat for the remainder of winter.

Vivian and Theo riding in the canoe at REI.

Theo, Daddy (the offspring sherpa), and Vivian at the park on a gorgeous sunset afternoon in January.

Theo made a train from his blocks. And he organized them by color all on his own. It makes my little color-coded heart go pitter patter!

Theo's joy is contagious after dinner. I'm pretty sure he's asking Grandma for Kindle. Grandma came for a ten day visit and I got zero decent pictures. Sigh.

Theo, Daddy, and Vivian ride the train at the science center's model railway festival. We attended to help alleviate the sadness of Grandma's departure.

Theo cooking up something with his orange play-doh.

Stomach flu has invaded our house, so the furniture is covered in sheets. After the fact, of course. I'm not that smart to start with. Theo said he had a boiler ache right before he barfed all over me. On the plus side, the furniture came out unscathed in that instance.

Vivian riding in the orange stroller. (Yes, all our strollers are orange. This is the one that stays in the car.)

Bedtime routine with Daddy.

Theo playing the piano

Theo's stomach looks distorted here because he shoves Jez into his pajamas every single night when we change him before bed

Mama and Vivian

Theo received this train blanket in the mail from Grandma. It's hard to tell from the photos, but it's got hundreds of locomotives on it. Theo's first response to receiving a train blanket was to drive the trains on it. Of course.

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