Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Photo Update: December's Best

Hmmm, I've no idea when I last posted the photos from the previous month. I used to do it on the first of the month fairly consistently. Then I got swamped and behind uploading photos. Then I got them uploaded and sorted (whooo-hoo!) but apparently not posted. So I'm going to have a few posts in the next few days/weeks with groups of photos. We'll see how far I get.

Since I don't know where and when I last shared photos, we'll start with December. See all the photos here and here. Otherwise here's a selection of my favorites.

Vivian in a little knit hat almost as sweet as she is just before we headed out one day

Theo opening his and Vivian's advent calendars after dinner. He got to eat all the chocolate as it's not on Vivian's menu options yet.

Vivian enjoying her winter squash

Theo and Mama riding the holiday carousel downtown

Vivian and Mama waiting for the "snow" to begin downtown inside the mall

Vivian after the snow fall

Theo wearing our Christmas tree skirt before the Christmas tree has a turn

Theo after kissing the pig outside the library once story time concluded

Number two. Literally. As marked by Theo during bath time.

Tetley looking concerned (and rightfully so I'd say) about one of Theo's kitchen creations

Christmas loot acquiring. This stack is maybe half of the boxes, and several boxes had three or more items inside.

Vivian ready for the neighborhood festivities the weekend before the holidays

Vivian and Daddy post-parties

Vivian with one of her first Christmas presents

Vivian in a stocking: almost as cute as Vivian in a pumpkin

Theo enjoying multiple Christmas presents simultaneously: a new fleece which he wanted to put on from Aunt Jo, more train tracks from Grandma, and miniature Thomas trains from the Bentleys

A terrible photo of our awesome new player piano

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