Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vivian's Nine Month Update

Vivian had her nine month checkup on Friday. She tipped the scales at 16 lbs and 11.5 oz, which places her in the 13th percentile on the CDC charts and the 24th on WHO charts. She measured 28.5 inches in height, which put her squarely in the 78th percentile on both scales. (I don't think I've seen them overlap like that before - kind of fun.) Her head is 17.62 inches (they measure in centimeters which is how we get such random numbers when it's converted to inches), which is the 70th and 73rd percentiles on CDC and WHO respectively. Interestingly, on the doctor's note that get sent home with us, her head measures 44.75 cm which is in the 90-95th percentile according to their charts, so apparently Vivian has a big head. Hmmm....

The doctor was overall pleased with her progress, especially as her iron test came back at 11.5 (it needs to be above 11). That was a nice relief for me, as well, because she hates taking the multivitamin liquid supplement and I hate giving/forcing it to her, so we don't do it everyday as instructed. Otherwise, she is moving but not technically crawling, which is fine, and her leg strength impressed him thoroughly - nothing but balance left to go and she is off and running.

Vivian did not notice the prick for the iron test and otherwise was not bothered in the least by the visit with the brief exception of the doctor trying to get her to open her mouth. She didn't cry but she definitely resisted. He had to lay her down and even then didn't get a good look. Maybe she thought he was going to try and spoon feed her.

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