Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Easter Photos

In case you didn't get enough of the awesome Easter photos from the end of March, here are some of my favorites.

Daddy and Theo peeling onions to dye our Easter eggs. We got a nice dark batch this year.

Theo and Vivian "hunting" eggs at the local grocery store. In the under 3 area, there wasn't much hunting involved, as you can plainly see. We plopped Vivian down in the middle of a batch and Theo made his way over to her selecting some as he went.

Theo and Vivian collecting eggs in their buckets. Despite what you might think, Vivian did put some in the bucket (and take them out again, and put them get the idea).

Theo opened all 24 eggs. (There was a 12 egg per kid limit at this hunt.) Vivian couldn't care less about the opening or the contents, unlike Theo. Instead, she is fascinated with the rotating rack of cards.

Vivian scored three eggs (two with assistance) at the local community center mob scene, uh, I mean egg hunt.

Easter basket goodness. I bet you can't guess which basket belongs to whom.

Theo cracking open more eggs in the morning from his basket.

Easter hike in the fabulous sunny weather. Vivian had the best ride in the backpack.

Theo and Tetley hiking.

Vivian passed out for her morning/mid afternoon nap in the backpack.

Theo thinks he is hiding in this spot behind Daddy.

Vivian's bunny bum.

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