Friday, June 14, 2013

Atlanta and Cincinnati

We did what we call the grandparent tour starting in mid-April, hitting both my family in Georgia and then flying up to Cincinnati to visit Michal's parents there. I then flew back to Georgia with the kids while Michal continued back home to return to work. We spent almost three weeks gone all total, and have the photos to prove it. My gallery has 342 photos of the usual quality, and Michal uploaded almost 1000 from the trip. So these few selections are only the tip of the iceberg. Family members interested in the whole kit and caboodle should check out the complete galleries.

Michal's Photos

Sarah's Photos

Here's my less than an hour to see them version:

An adorable photos my cousin took of Theo at Vivian's christening ceremony.

Vivian loves swinging with Granddaddy.

Theo running in the leaves. He remembers playing in the leaf piles during our last fall visit, and asked for me. Grandma managed to rustle up some remnants for him to romp in, around, and over, and through.

Theo and Vivian on the morning of her christening.

Theo giving Vivian a kiss. Vivian is wearing her mother's (and aunt's and cousin's) christening gown. Seriously, we took it off the wall and out of the frame so she could wear it.

Vivian with her christening present while Theo was occupied outside with the playground. In case you're wondering, I'm not quite dumb enough to let her eat her christening dinner in an heirloom white dress.

We managed to get all five of Granny's great-grandchildren still in one place and take tons of photos. From left to right, Theo (2.5), Vivian (10.5 months), Evy (2), Xoey (9 months), and Xander (5). In not one single one of those photos did we get all five of them looking and smiling.

If we couldn't get more than one of them to smile, at least Xander could. By force. Theo also rarely removed his hands from his mouth, and Vivian spent the whole time looking perplexed.

Granddaddy and Theo feeding the fish at Granny's pond.

Theo landing airplanes on a control tower we built from Lincoln logs on request.

Granddaddy and Vivian watching the farm animals.

Riding the tractors.

Vivian reaching for Grandmama.

Granddaddy, Grandma, and Vivian towards the end of our visit to the tractors.

Of course it was too bright for Theo in the car, so he borrowed Grandma's sunglasses.

And so did Piggy Mis.

Theo en route to Cincinnati.

Snack time for Vivian...

and Theo.

Theo scores a free ride with Dziadzius.

Vivian and Dziadzius at the Newport Aquarium.

Theo found a machine that made medallions at the aquarium. We told him it took money and he turned right to Dziadzius. It paid off.

Feeding the lorakeets at the aquarium.

Theo is still talking about the penguins we saw.

Theo and Vivian enjoying a bath.

Everyone at the museum center.

Exploring the water exhibit at the children's museum.

Theo shopping at the children's museum. When he ran out of items at the grocery store exhibit, he happily moved along to the diner exhibit.

Vivian inside the tunnel under the water exhibit at the children's museum in Cincinnati. She thought this was awesome. Theo wouldn't even go all the way inside it.

A view of Vivian through the water.

Vivian and Theo in the tree house.

While we were in Cincinnati, Theo started holding hands with Vivian and singing to her. Super melt-your-heart sweet!

Theo has organized all his crayons into all his stacking wooden rings at Babcia and Dziadzius' house.

Theo admiring and in awe of the model planes at the National Air Force Museum.

This photo might be one of my favorite ever of Theo, as it captures his glee, which is prevalent on an hourly basis, as well as subtly referencing his addiction to airplanes. It is from the playground at the National Air Force Museum in Dayton.

Theo and Daddy with Vivian and Dziadzius.

Vivian thoroughly enjoying a cupcake (the frosting, mostly) that Theo picked out for her at our ice cream stop.
Michal and Theo riding the lawn mower. Theo was overwhelmed by the loud noise it made but willing to ride anyway. After a few rides he didn't bother to cover his ears anymore, but at the beginning he wasn't even willing to approach the lawn mower.

Vivian, of course, had no such qualms. She thought lawn mower rides were hot stuff.

A gorgeous tree in the yard. I meant to take Vivian's photo in front of it but never managed to make that happen.

Going for a wagon ride on the path that runs alongside Babcia and Dziadzius' house.

Theo and Vivian sharing some happy snacks during the wagon ride.

Theo in action on the playground.

Vivian in action on the playground.

In the sand along the riverbank.

Vivian gobbling macaroni and cheese during lunch.

Theo scored this Thomas bubble blower as a gift. He seriously didn't move for almost an hour.

At the castle nearby in Symmes, OH. It was built by one man over 50 years, and is actually quite interesting. Theo referred to it as the sandcastle.

Theo is super into building sand castles. By the time we returned to Georgia, there was a sand pile waiting for some action.

And a motorcycle.

Vivian grins, probably because she has something Theo normally doesn't allow her to touch.

I'm just saying...nothing.

This playground by Auntie Blah's house had a helicopter. Score! Although Theo spent more time on the big kid playground and the shaky bridge shaving years off my sister's life.

The local library rocked. It had puzzles and foam (ie quiet) blocks and tons and tons of board books. Theo checked out five books courtesy of Auntie Blah. We could have spent all day here if we had the time.

Theo feeding the kitties at Grandma's house. There are six of them, and they get fatter every time we visit, since, according to Theo, the "kitties are hungry" and "kitties excited to see us" every time it occurs to him.

Vivian, Winnie, Zoey, Sarah, and Theo at lunch, eating cheese dip at the local taco hot spot. Yum, yum, yum.
Zoey is about seven weeks older than Vivian, and had about seven years' worth more hair.

Theo made some piggies out of leftover biscuit dough - one for him, and one for Vivian, he explained. Vivian loved eating hers. Theo loved eating the chocolate chip eyeballs.

Xoey and Vivian. Xoey is about one and a half months younger than Vivian.

Xander and Theo work on a floor puzzle with Auntie Blah.

Theo and Granddaddy checking out the crashed airplane near Grandma's house. Apparently it has been there for years, but I never noticed it (it's really quite random, just off the main road in a field right next to some woods) until Theo saw it one day driving back to their house. Of course, when we mentioned it, Granddaddy set it up so we could not only drive by but get out and look. Theo was a bit apprehensive at first (he kept saying it might get fixed and take off) but loved the up close and personal visit.

We spent some quality time in the Beetle car, too.

Bedtime stories.

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