Thursday, June 20, 2013

More from Alaska

I had only a few shots that Michal didn't get in Alaska, namely from our four hour train ride. You can see the entire gallery in its 121 photo glory or you can just take my word for it.

The train from Anchorage to Seward is awesome not just because of the scenery (which is fantastic, although the 6:45 a.m. departure is not) but also because there is a baggage car, a dining car, a sightseeing car, a dome car, and best of all, some open air spaces where you can sight see. Moving around with the kids made a huge difference, and we scored great seats with a table for the four of us when we actually used our assigned spots.

Theo and I went to the back of the train where only a small gate separates you from the tracks flying underneath. It was chilly, so I pulled him into my lap (we had already been there longer than anyone else) from the cold floor and he took a twenty-five minute nap. It might have lasted longer but I had to change my position as I wasn't expecting a morning snooze.

Posing by the big bear in Anchorage.

Vivian sneaking Granddaddy's pen out of his pocket on the trolley ride up the hill in Anchorage.

Theo and Grandmama sightseeing from the upper level of the cafe car, which we also called the sightseeing car.

Theo got very excited by the increasing amounts of snow as we traveled. We did spot a bald eagle nest and two bald eagles, one nearby and one in the nest, but no other wildlife (goats, belugas, bears, moose) during our ride.

A gorge as seen from between a series of tunnels, which was another highlight for Theo (the tunnels, not the scenery).

Eating second breakfast in the dining car.

The dome car, where we stayed for about sixty seconds - just long enough to sit down then get back up again. In all fairness we were going to the back of the train to look for the caboose when we went through this car.

At the back of the train. Theo expressed astonishment that it had "no caboose". That didn't deter him from staying a while though, around an hour total.

Sitting on the floor at the back of the train watching the tracks.

The view from the back.
Snacking on board after a refreshing nap.

Our scenic campsite as seen from our dining (and also our living) room in Seward.

Enjoying the snow in the parking lot at Exit Glacier.

Michal and Theo playing in the bubbles at the Anchorage Museum.

Theo enjoying the house and animals at the Anchorage Musuem tots area, including the "funny looking dog" seen on the left, aka a kangaroo.

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