Monday, June 17, 2013

Red Letter Day

Today was a big day for everyone. I'm not sure even where to start, so here it is from the beginning.

Theo had his second day of drop-off school, which meant Vivian had her first real day of one-on-one time. It's by far the longest span of time I've spent with Vivian awake consecutively, although she had a thirty minute nap at the beginning.

Theo was dropped off at school by Daddy without any fuss. (Last week when Mama left him there for the first time he cried, and was sad intermittently throughout the day - until he finally ate something at lunch, at which point he improved dramatically.)

Vivian bent over, picked up a link off the floor, and stood up all on her own without holding onto anything or anyone.

Vivian held her own sippy cup and tipped it up by herself to drink water successfully. (We've gone back and forth between a regular sippy cup that requires tipping up like a bottle to get to the liquid and a straw cup - which requires exactly the opposite - you have to keep it pretty level and down for the straw to get the liquid.)

Vivian's seventh tooth came in, the lower right one next to the center tooth.

Theo started playing the piano to accompany himself while singing such favorites as ABC's and Itsy Bitsy Spider. I managed to catch some of this on video. Warning: You should probably only listen to this video rather than watch it for the sake of your stomach.

I have not managed to record him singing his very own song, what we call "Old MacFarmie" for posterity yet. It turns out the beginning of Old MacDonald and Bingo (First line lyrics of "There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o") are identical. I had no idea until Theo meshed the two into "Old MacFarmie had a dog and Bingo was his name-o".

I don't know what inspired Theo to play the piano while singing today, but my money is on the piano rolls. Yesterday Daddy got three new piano rolls for Father's Day, and I knew them well enough to sing along. (I know a lot of our other 50+ rolls, too, but not well enough to sing, or they are things like the Nutcracker Suite which doesn't technically have words. I am not above singing along with "la-la-la" though.) After one finished playing and the next one started Theo asked me to sing with it as well.

Vivian started walking for real. She's been capable and willing to do unassisted walking for about a month and a half (since just before 11 months) if someone was down on her level (either sitting or crouching) to receive her. But this evening just before 7 pm she took off on her own! She walked away from me about six feet, executed a u-turn, and came back. Then she would push my legs away and start the process again or I'd turn her around and set her off again. And again. And again. And away she went and my mini-heart attacks began. She bumped into one wall, which did not phase her, and fell onto her face once at the end, which she did find upsetting, but only briefly. More importantly, she fell once and put out her hands to break her fall.

Whew! What a day!

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