Friday, July 6, 2012

Bathroom Construction: End of Day 29 (June 22)

So I sort of got really, really, really busy with putting up tile to the point that I was going to bed after midnight (and still waking up with Theo in the mornings). Naturally, blogging the construction updates fell by the wayside. I did, however, take photos along the way, although there were one or two nights when I had left the cell phone upstairs and didn't feel like going upstairs, coming back down to take a photo, and going back upstairs. So we'll miss those nights. Sit back, and enjoy the litany of blog updates about to unfold. On the Day 28 update, I showed a mortar-board surround for the window. I think June 21st was one of those no-photo days where I painted the ceiling and exposed drywall a nice pale blue color. On June 22nd I got right down to it and started tiling. You can see some of the paint at the top of the photo.

I started with the east wall, because the wall would be largely behind the toilet and the vanity, which means any mistakes I'd make would be hidden, and I could hone my tiling skills by the time I got to exposed areas. The one catch to this strategy was that I wanted to have the tub be flush with a row of tiles. The only way to ensure that was the case was to start the very first row of tiles above the tub, expand that row out over the open floor, then fill down with tiles. (Tiles balance much more nicely when you build them up, so each successive course rests on the one below it). We planned to use a nice black trim tile at where the wall met the floor, and the tiles didn't quite line up so the first row of white tile from the floor is actually thinner than the 3" height of the tiles.

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