Monday, October 28, 2013

Atlanta in August

We visited Atlanta at the end of August, and I am finally getting around to sharing the photos. Here are some of my favorite shots, but you can see all the photos in the complete gallery.

Waiting for our flight to depart.

Theo has Kindle and is set for the flight.

And Grandmama met us at the airport.

Using the dwarf door at Chick-Fil-A. Strangely enough, it was Vivian I had to convince to come inside.

Enjoying the foam blocks at the Forest Park Library with Auntie Blah.

Swinging with Granddaddy

Theo specifically requested a visit to the crashed airplane near my parents' house. He got it. I have no idea how he remembers these things, but he definitely does.

I'm pretty sure this is when we tried watching The Little Mermaid.

Meanwhile Theo has his dog in his lap, too.

Labor Day with extended family. We kept adding Granny's great grandkids (there are five total, ranging in age from 5 to 1) to the hammock. Xander and Theo started it. Then Evy jumped in. Then Xoey joined the fun.

Xoey enjoying one of the swings.

Homemade ice cream for everyone.

More family. I have no idea how Will fit into that tiny chair. More importantly, I have no idea how he got out of it.

A slew of cousins.

Back in the hammock again. This time Vivian got in on the action.

Still more fun to be had in the hammock.

Evy actually took this awesome action shot when she had my itouch.

Evy and Theo lounging.

Theo and Xander

Theo went fishing for the first time with Granddaddy! We went to Granny's pond to try our luck, not expecting to get a nibble.

And guess who reeled one in almost immediately? Theo! We caught them almost back to back as soon as we baited the line and put it back in the water. The first (biggest of course) one actually got away because Theo had no idea what to do and we didn't expect anything to happen.

 Touching the fish.

Reeling them in.

Another catch.

Getting ready to feed the fish.

And feeding herself from the penguin bag.

Piggies at the farm running in and out of their house. You can't tell from this photo or by being there, but in another few minutes it will rain buckets.

Climbing the hay bales during the pouring rain. Vivian kept running out into the downpour and climbing a set of steps nearby.

Playing with toys

And riding the footstool at my great-aunt's house (Granny's last living sibling - there were 12 of them).

Checking out the topiary troll at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with Grandma. It was super cool but we had a lunch meeting to make and not enough time. We thought we would come back after lunch but it turns out there's no re-entry.

Topiary fish fountain.

 Lunch at the Varsity complete with hats.

Cooling off in the sprinkler back home.

And filling up the wash tub for more cool fun.

Petting the burrows.

They loved being fed.

Riding tractors

and firetrucks.

Enjoying long walks.

And more things to drive.

Playing in the hay.

More rides to take.

Vivian adored Riley's sunglasses.

While Theo adored his trains.

Theo did not forget about Granddaddy's trains.

Both kids loved running back and forth from their quilts.

 Back to Daddy waiting at the airport.

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