Monday, October 7, 2013

Camping on the Beach August 2013

I'm massively overdue on posting these photos, but here goes. We took our annual camping trip to the Olympic Peninsula beach in August. Our friends Jay and Jane and their older son Micah (who is five weeks older than Theo) joined us this year. (Their younger son, Jonah, who is nine weeks younger than Vivian, stayed at home with his grandmother.) We had a lovely time, and got especially lucky with the weather on Saturday. Sunday the weather followed the forecast, which was rain and more rain, and all we really did that day was pack up and out. We hike a little over a mile along the beach to reach a prime campsite, and we totally scored an awesome spot again this year (probably because of the crappy weather forecast). You can see the entire gallery here (and Michal's photos here although he posted his photos in earlier entry in a reasonable amount of time).

Waiting for the ferry downtown.

Theo and Daddy hiking in. Theo made the entire hike in on his own two feet, which was huge for us, if a bit slower than usual.

The group hiking in. Jane is carrying Micah and Vivian is on my back.

Theo and Micah "help" level the site for Jay and Jane's tent. We camp on sand, which is actually quite comfortable as long as you remove the rocks before setting up the tent, and make sure your head isn't sloping down.

Micah feeding Vivian.

Theo "helps" Daddy now that he's an expert on bulldozing, which is what we called leveling the tent sites.

Vivian had a shovel and an endless amount of sand so she was all set.

Roasting marshmallows over the campfire.

We lucked into a gorgeous sunset. My photos don't do it justice, but there were a ton of photographers out to capture it. Theo is back at the campsite in case you're wondering.

Theo's shadow on a tree at dusk.

More of the fantastic sunset scenery.

Morning mleko inside the tent where it was warm and dry.

Packing up for the hike out on a wet Sunday morning.

Sunday's scenery.

Back at the car snug and dry (and hungry).

A game of chase at the park in much sunnier Port Angeles on the lunch stop during the drive home.

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