Thursday, January 7, 2016

Surgery Postponed!

We had Xavier's pre-op appointment today and he's improved enough that they postponed Tuesday's adenoidectomy surgery indefinitely! He's put on almost a pound (from 22 lbs 5 oz to 23 lbs 1 oz) in slightly less than a month. His last biggest weight gain was six ounces in six weeks and growth only goes slower as he gets older. It's just enough weight gain for him to cross back over a percentile line. He's sleeping 9-10 hours consecutively most nights which is a huge difference from previously. While the sleep improvement could be the humidifier or the pillow we added, it's enough of a difference that they can wait and see.

Since it takes two weeks for the nasal steroids to kick in and he's only been on them since Dec. 11th, the doctor wants to give it another couple of months to get the maximum benefit. We have another check up in a mid-March to see how he's doing and re-evaluate him for surgery if needed.

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