Saturday, January 9, 2016

Theo Turns Five!

Well I wrote this at the correct time, but never managed to post it. Surprise! Fall was awfully chaotic, well beyond the norm here. So....

Holy crap, Theo is five years old! Can you believe it? I am having a hard time adjusting to the concept. It does not seem like five years since he was a newborn.

Theo turned five and he was super excited about his birthday. He's pretty much been counting down to his birthday since Vivian's birthday in late spring. He's already got a long list of what he wants for his sixth birthday, too.

Interestingly, Theo did not want to have any kind of party or invite any friends to celebrate with him this year. He was very adamant about both those things. He wanted exactly what and who Xavier had for his birthday just a few short weeks ago. (We had a very quiet low key celebration for Xavier.) These requests are a dramatic departure from the last two years when Theo was very excited to have his party at school and invite all his friends. (Though in all fairness his school has been super chaotic this fall and perhaps that's contributed.)

Instead we had a very pleasant day mostly at home. We started the day off with our usual traditions of balloons tied to Theo's seat at the table. He had four balloons this year: a giant silver 5 he calls an "s", a Spider-Man balloon, a Thomas the train cube balloon, and a happy birthday cube balloon.

Theo also had a big stack of presents waiting for him on the coffee table when he woke up. He zeroed in on those, though he had to wait a bit. (With my recent foot surgery I am very slow to get out of bed and upstairs.) He tore through everything while we Skype and FaceTimed grandparents in to watch the excitement.

Theo got a Spider-Man hooded sweatshirt, a George t-shirt, a wooden track drawbridge, fingerpaints, a big kid two-wheel scooter (in blue, his favorite color currently), a stealth airplane, an SR-71 airplane, a marble run set, a Spirograph set, a Berenstain Bears train book,

Vivian scored a my little pony coloring book and a carrier for her babies. Xavier got two new airplanes - one small blue one and one larger one with a door that opens, three people, one piece of cargo, and it talks and sings.

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