Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas 2015 (and Theo's Ski Lessons)

We had something like 5 Christmases this year (although just two days ago Theo took issue with the count and feels he only got four) there's a lot of updates which we should cover. I won't do it justice at all. So check out the Google Photos Story. (For the record the four -- or five -- Christmases are: Cincinnati, Atlanta 12/24 evening, Atlanta 12/25 morning, Atlanta 12/25 afternoon, and Seattle.) Here's a Google Photos Story. We got to see everyone, and the kids got to ride ponies. What's not to love?

Theo's taking ski lessons again this year (really just picking up after last year's disaster of a ski season) -- check out this brief Google Photos story. He's out of the corral and doing the magic carpet routinely. He was extremely resistant to going -- he's rightfully noting that he only gets two non-school days away (go self-awareness!) but after the first lesson he told me "I might have been wrong about how much I like skiing" -- that is to say, he had a fabulous time. To make stuff even more awesome, Theo's new school apparently does a "Winterirm" where they take 3 Wednesdays in January and February and take the entire school on a ski trip to Crystal Mountain!!

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