Thursday, April 11, 2013

Texas Times Two

A random selection of photos I liked from Michal's giant Texas-sized gallery.

An awesome shot of Theo in a tunnel slide at one of the many playgrounds we visited. I believe this one is at Zilker Park.

Theo at the park, with sunglasses on because it's too bright and a hat because Daddy got sunburned at a different playground the day before.

Vivian swinging at Zilker Park.
A much better shot of all four kids enjoying themselves in the playroom at Kristine's house in Fort Worth.

You'd think with three adults and four kids we could get a decent shot. You'd be wrong.

Well, at least we can get a decent shot of two adults.

Theo loved Kristine's dog Charlie. And John's dog Ellie. But we don't have any photos of Ellie.

You could feed birds blueberries (for free no less!) at the Dallas World Aquarium - which was a really awesome non-conventional set-up. And we have no pictures that do the awesome main three story exhibit with multiple levels of trails through it justice.

Mama and Vivian at the Dallas World Aquarium.

I don't know how many times Theo made the loop around the outdoor penguin exhibit.

All of us at together.

Feeding the fowl near John's house in Dallas. I spent a lot of effort throwing bread crumbs away from my enthusiastic toddler to lure the more aggressive birds in the opposite direction.

With Grandma at the Alamo.

Theo feeding Vivian a cracker at the Alamo.

All of us with the Alamo in the background.

Grandma and Vivian on the boat ride along the river walk in San Antonio.

Theo napped in the car from San Antonio to Manor and has just woken up.

Playing in the giant sandpile at Gwyneth's parents' manor.

Petting the neighbors' (full size) horses in Manor.

Granddaddy and Vivian exploring.

Mama and Theo enjoying a ride in the miniature horse cart. The neighbors next door were kind enough to give all the kids who wanted a ride a turn. Since there were 8 kids total (all age 7 or under, half 2 or younger), it was no small gesture of generosity.

A better idea of what we were doing. You can't see her in the this shot, but the neighbor is running along beside the miniature horse.

Theo enjoyed it so much he took another turn around with Daddy.

And Vivian got a turn, too, riding with Gwyneth.

Theo digging.

And pulling a tractor.

Theo on the far right serving up something tasty to Grandma at the Children's Museum back in Austin. I love how all the adults have the same bland expression in this shot.

Lounging around in the backyard in Austin.

Feeding goats at the Austin Zoo. Theo loves to feed animals. We went on the coldest morning of our trip and we are all wearing the warmest stuff we packed. And we were still chilly. Note to self: next time pack more warm clothes, just in case.

Theo passed out in the car after our morning at the zoo.

Theo has removed his food from his plate and lined up the sandwich strips for train cars with blueberries for wheels.

Waiting at the Austin airport to come home.

Well, there you go. I managed to condense 1022 photos down to about 30. Not too shabby. Maybe between the two selections you'll get a pretty good idea (and look) at our entire trip. But there are always more photos to enjoy if you didn't get your fill.

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