Friday, April 5, 2013

Vivian at Ten Months

Oh, what a difference a month can make. See Vivian's ten month photos in the First Year Photo Gallery or see the better shots with the professional equipment here.

Vivian is on the move. She can scoot for sure, although unlike Theo (also a scooter), she pushes herself around with her hands while sitting. Theo wiggled his hips back and forth and got around that way, so he had his hands free. Vivian has not progressed to that level of advanced scooting yet.

And based on her progress up on two feet, she might not need to improve her scooting skills. She started walking around holding onto our two hands a week and a half ago. And she's already letting go when she feels like it and hanging out balancing with no trouble. If she sees something she wants, she lets go. If she wants to transfer from hands to the coffee table or the sofa, she lets go and makes the transfer. In other words, her cruising skills are excellent, and she's anxious to let go and take off on her own walking. If she's propped onto something like the coffee table or sofa, she can play indefinitely. I still spot her, but no longer stay in contact constantly.

She started moving around with purpose if not beauty on the 6th or March and had just increased from there. By the 13th, she was cruising along the coffee table or sofa to get what she wanted. On March 20th, she started walking with assistance. By the end of the month, she was letting go and standing on her own for up to thirty seconds at a time.

In the food department, Vivian has added pizza (which was really just adding tomato sauce since she had had everything else in it that I know of), bean sprouts, salami, plum, blueberries, pineapple, and kiwi. Nothing tops meat or cheese. Except possibly gravy, also known as liquid meat. She loves gravy. Gravy on meat (say, a chicken nugget or chicken tender) is as good as it gets for her. Daddy has started cooking her an egg for breakfast every morning. Scrambled with cheese it goes down very well.

There's no real other news to report in the sleeping or eating departments, or even really the playing. All of her focus has been on moving around lately, and she's very focused on that. If you sit her down when depositing her, she generally complains. And once you start walking around, you'd better be committed to it. If you try to sit her down again, she will not have it. She stiffens her legs and refuses to sit. Once she does, she cries. Real tears. She just wants to walk around. Or eat. Or sleep. Those are the only acceptable activities right now.

Oh, and I almost forgot. Vivian started clapping her hands this month. We clap for Theo every time he finishes playing the piano and she's certainly picked up on that. If a song ends (Theo's or one playing on the radio or a toy), she claps. If she sees someone else clapping, she looks around then joins in. And sometimes she just claps for the fun of it, like when she is nursing and doesn't want to go to sleep and enjoys getting a smile or laugh out of me.

Vivian is also signing a bit more regularly, mostly for more when eating. But I have also been trying to improve the frequency I sign with her, so that's probably got a lot to do with it. I showed her the sign for cracker, for example, and she signed it right back to me. Then said more. She's still chatting quite a bit vocally, too, but I haven't noticed any new sounds or combinations.

Vivian loves the touch and feel books. She will sit and flip the pages and gently reach out to touch things with one finger. She can do that for twenty minutes or more without moving around. It's super fun for me to watch, and she really seems to enjoy it, too. Really any book with textures or shiny parts or things like that gets her attention. Her favorite book still seems to be Baby Touch and Feel Animals, but we've been introducing her to more touch and feel books and I haven't exactly done a contest to see which one is most preferred.

Theo saw her coming out of the kitchen the first time we helped her walk around, and he said, "Baby walking. Big girl now." Super sweet and yet super sad that our baby is growing up so fast!

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