Friday, June 1, 2012

Bathroom Construction: End of Day 11

Totally forgot to take a photo last night! Ironically it was indeed related to the baby but not due to sleep deficit or anything like that -- been using the phone so much that it needed charging when I went to take a look, and I never managed to remember to go back later and take the photo.

Anyhow, yesterday the contractors took out the concrete forms after a 2-day baby break, shored up the ceiling and cut the infill joists which will cover the old staircase we took out with the last remodel and eventually will give us an extra 3' in the kitchen. About half the holes for the lag screws were also drilled. There are five or so joists an each one gets 18 screws. The contractors are calling it overkill but this is the one part of this entire project we actually had professionally engineered (thanks mom!)

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